Melissa fuerst

Specializing in ui/ux, optimization, email, mobile app design,  lead generation, front-end development and other graphic/web needs.

HannoverRe OneAscent Website Design

Providing HannoverRe’s underwriters to quote, analyze, and important information for their customers on their health conditions. 

CFI Driver App

A CFI truck driver mobile application to assist the driver with their day-to-day duties. Some features: load information, messages, weather, settlements, outages, and much more. 

CFI Driver App Analytics Dashboard

We needed a resource to analyze the mobile application’s data. Assisting us creating functionality and making sure we are providing the best app for the truck drivers.

Extended Family App

Our pets are a family members also. When they are sick, hurt, or healthy we care. Working on developing an application to track all those milestones are fur children could have.

Owners Dashboard

CFI Owner Dashboard is designed to help Independent contractors and owners manage their day-to-day truck driving duties.

Ashlee Nichols Wesbite

Mockup of a website for blogger Ashlee Nichols. Redesign to add more of a modern look and feel. Adding little elements to make the artwork pop.

CFI Track App

CFI customers are able to track their freight moving from location A to B to C to D. This mobile application keeps them informed of every step of the way.

Wedding invites

Rustic wedding invitations for my best friend and her husband.

Leave of Absence Dashboard

Dashboard to assist internal departments with leave of absence duties. This was a project to combine three platforms functionality into one dashboard.

Atlanta Falcons Email

Design of the Atlanta Falcons email template for their campaigns.

DataStax Academy Dashboard

Developers who were expanding their skillset into achieving the Apache Cassandra certification.