DataStax Academy Website

Overview: While working at DataStax for three years, the site was driven by marketing’s input and speaking to users. The goal of this particular project was keeping the ui/ux consistent for the users. Also always implementing new features for the users to learn Apache Cassandra. We found that the users were hunting for the courses to expand their knowledge. After receiving that feedback we have implemented a user dashboard, area to work and add notes, know where they exactly left off, and other features like bookmarking; just to name a few.

Role:  Visual design. Usability studies in person and virtual. Design and front-end development of website. Looking at drupal analytics, google analytics, and crazy egg to add new enhancements to the website.

Programs used:  Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Sketch, PHPstorm.

Tech stack: HTML, CSS, LESS

Platforms: Web